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Red Rock is open 24/7, with a trained pharmacist available to our partners at all times. Healthcare is an around the clock business, so we’re committed to providing the best pharmacy service at any hour.



Pharmacy services don’t need to be accompanied by hidden fees and complicated contracts. Our pricing is transparent, and we don’t rely on binding contracts to keep our partners’ business.


Transitioning from one pharmacy to another can be difficult without proper assistance. To make this move as seamless as possible, Red Rock’s dedicated transition team takes care of all the work for new partners.


We do more deliveries per day than anyone else; three scheduled deliveries every day, plus on-demand delivery as needed ensures that our partners’ patients will never go without the medication they need, when they need it.



  • Compounding & Prescription Drugs – branded and generic oral products

  • Infusion Therapy

  • Specialized Packaging & Pill Packs

  • Vaccinations & Immunizations

  • Injectibles – strict clean-room criteria and packaging requirements

  • Local Delivery

  • Emergency drug delivery

  • In-service training programs

  • Consultant pharmacist services

  • Managed care support

We look forward 
to working with you
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